Same Day Implants in Oxnard, CA 93036

Do you have damaged and/or missing teeth that give you less than a perfect smile? Do you have a diseased tooth causing you pain? Are you tired of loose dentures that need paste to hold them in your mouth? The good news is you can walk in our office with missing teeth, or ill-fitting dentures, and walk out with a beautiful smile.

Yes, it is possible to have teeth in a day, also known as permanent dentures. Thanks to modern dentistry, you’ll be able to eat and speak normally, and have a winning smile in just one day.

First, our dentist will remove any broken teeth and treat any infections. You don’t have to worry about pain. We make sure all of our patients are given pain killer and do not feel anything during procedures. Our office is a pain-free zone.

Next, our dentist will surgically insert thin titanium posts into the gums (top and/or bottom). The titanium posts (4 dental implants) will be the new “roots” for the new dentures. The dentures are permanently attached to the titanium posts, so they do not slide around like old-fashioned dentures. Most patients do not even need pain medication after this procedure.

These new natural-looking dentures will provide comfort and stability to the mouth. These permanent teeth should last a lifetime as we use high-quality material for dental restorations. There are several advantages that permanent dentures have over old-fashioned removable dentures. There is always a chance of losing or breaking old-fashioned dentures. They also have to be taken out and cleaned daily. Say goodbye to all of those hassles with permanent dentures. No more badly-fitting dentures or loose dentures.

And best of all, there will be no more denture pastes or acrylic material covering the roof of your mouth. Permanent dentures feel, look, and function just like real teeth. You can eat with them, and brush them just like regular teeth.

There are some people who do not need an entire mouthful of permanent dentures. We can help them as well with dental implants and crowns that can replace a single tooth or several teeth. Whatever your need, this dental technology will make you feel as if you have natural teeth. Your quality of life will improve and you can enjoy your favorite foods again.

If you are interested in permanent dentures or implants, it’s better to get them earlier rather than later. The older you get, the more difficult it can be to insert titanium posts into the gums because of natural bone loss. The time to act is today. Call our office at (805)-973-1407 for more information about this amazing life-changing procedure. We are here to help!

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