Emergency Dentistry in Oxnard

Anyone can have a dental emergency, either due to a sudden and unexpected event that causes pain or tooth loss, or due to accumulated damage caused by poor lifestyle choices and improper oral care. In such situations, it makes sense to see your dentist as soon as possible for timely intervention before things get worse.

Depending on the severity of your case, we will try our best to get you an appointment with Dr. Farhad Safe on the same day or within 24 hours to help address the problem as soon as possible.

Whether you are an existing patient of Safe Dental Care or a new patient at our practice, we understand that toothaches can be very distressing, uncontrolled bleeding can be terrifying, and the sudden loss of a section of your tooth can cause embarrassment.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Most dental emergencies are due to trauma to the tooth or mouth, though they can also be caused by an infection. A dental emergency is any oral problem that needs urgent attention because of the severity of the symptoms or threat posed to your health and wellbeing.

Some cases that may need immediate and/or urgent dental care include:

Chipped or broken tooth

There are several treatments to restore broken teeth depending on the severity, including filling, crown, and root canal therapy for extensive tooth damage.


Avoid any heat as it could make the pain worse. As you wait to see Dr. Safe, you can try to ease the pain by taking over-the-counter pain medicine, or holding a pack of ice against your face at the origin of the pain.

Knocked out tooth

A permanent tooth that has been knocked out can be successfully put back within 10 minutes. The longer it stays out, the lower the chances of saving it. If the tooth is clean, simply put it in its socket as you wait to see the dentist. If there’s a risk of swallowing it, put it in some cold milk and come to our office as soon as possible.

Badly bitten tongue or lip

If it’s bleeding, you can use a clean cloth to press down the injured part, and a pack of ice to relieve any swelling. If it doesn’t stop bleeding, you should seek emergency services at the nearest hospital.

How soon should you be seen?

At Safe Dental Care, we offer same-day emergency services for significant pain, trauma, infection, or lost teeth. For best possible outcome, please call our office immediately so we can prepare to receive you.